About Puppy to Dog School

Puppy to Dog School is one of the best puppy schools in Sydney. We are an innovative dog training school offering the latest obedience training techniques for your pet. Puppy to Dog School likes to motivate dogs through fun activities and treats when they do well.

Our goal is to make each class a fun team activity for both you and your dog.

Our puppy school offers training classes that help in ensuring that your dog is well-mannered and behaved in public. The training we offer also aim to strengthen your bond with your dog. As the one of the best puppy school in Sydney, we do not only teach your dog how to be a good pet, we also want to help you develop a foundation for teaching your dog. This way, your pet will not only learn from the puppy school but from you as well.

Training classes are quite valuable resources when you want your dog to develop their skills for sports or other fun activities.

Aside from dog training classes, Puppy to Dog School also offers in-home enrichment services, one-on-one group training to owners and dog lovers across Sydney.

Our puppy school trainers have a range of experience in a number of different training techniques and have a pure passion for dogs and training dogs. They always have their pulse on new research relating to dogs and always go about and beyond to ensure you can meet your goals.

Our trainers are capable of evaluating your furbaby and customising a program that will surely fit your dog’s personality. They are therefore the ideal trainers to train your dog and help you learn the tools to further develop your dog’s skills.

Puppy to Dog School is one of the puppy schools in Sydney that has incorporated positive reinforcement techniques only to, therefore, ensure your experience and your dogs experience with us is a happy one. Because of using these techniques we are able to provide dogs with a calm and happy environment which supports the learning process.

We believe that training builds better relationships between you and your dog and through our training methodology, therefore, we believe that you and your dog will be better connected through this process.

Our aim is to help you and your dog build a closer bond in a fun and safe environment.

By providing a mix of Group Classes and One-on-One Classes we provide you with the flexibility you require to work around your busy schedules.

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