Teenage and Rescue Dog

Teenage and Rescue Dog

Even as your dog grows up ,its important to continue to socialise them in a controlled and suitable environment. For this reason, a Teenage and Rescue dog class may be ideal for your dog.

If your teenage dog has not had any previous or consistent training, some new behaviours may arise in their teenage years that might be problematic.

Alternatively, you may just want to teach them some general obedience.

Because of this,  you may need a class will assist you in building the foundations required to raise your dog to be well adjusted and follow simple commands. Teenage and Rescue dog classes are ideal for those dogs that are too old for puppy school.

It is also particularly suitable for rescue dogs that may suffer from certain anxieties or may have a difficult time trusting others due to past treatment.

If you are not comfortable or do not believe your dog will be comfortable in a group class environment, click to find out more about In Home Training.

This class is suitable for dogs aged 5 months and over as well as Rescue dogs that may need a bit of extra support.

Some of the skills we cover during this class include:

  • Walking on a lead
  • Meet and Greet with others
  • Recall
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lay Down
  • General obedience
  • Some fun tricks

This course runs for four weeks and by the end of the course, we aim to provide you and your dog with the confidence required to tackle everyday situations without anxiety.

Cost: $240 for Four Classes

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