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Teenage and Rescue Class 19th MARCH 2024

$ 290.00 AUD
Even as your dog grows up ,its important to continue to socialise them in a controlled and suitable environment. For this reason, a Teenage and Rescue dog class may be ideal for your dog. If your teenage dog has not had any previous or consistent training, some new behaviours may arise in their teenage years that might be problematic. Alternatively, you may just want to teach them some general obedience. Please note that this course is not suitable for reactive or anxious dogs. Classes run for one hour each week over 4 consecutive weeks - there are upto 4 dogs in a class. Classes are held on TUESDAY EVENING at Castle Hill Showground George Bell Pavilion 7:40pm start Please bring with you: - Dog collar/Harness and Lead - favourite training treats - Copy of upto date dog vaccination certificate