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Maz has completed his formal qualification, a Certificate IV in Animal Companion Services through Hanrob Training Academy.

Recently Maz has completed an online course for puppy training, that in light of the current quarantine is a great starter while at home

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Puppy to Dog School-Building a closer bond between you and your Dog through learning.

Training is a critical part of Puppy development and can address potential issues before they arrise. The key is to train durring the socialisation period of 8-16 weeks

1When should I start socialising my pup?
Young puppy’s are fun and carefree. They have a trusting soul and will want to play with everyone and anyone without hesitation. Its for this reason that most trainers will say, socialise your puppy as soon as you can. There’s a crucial socialisation period for puppys that starts from the age of 3 weeks and up to the age of 17weeks. Its after approx. 17 weeks that puppy’s become more cautious. Its important when socialising your pup to note that socialisation doesn’t just mean with other dogs, but also with humans of all ages (including small children) as well as with other animals, sounds, smells and sights. This will help them to be a well rounded happy adult dog in the future. One thing we do warn though, which is a catch 22, its generally recommended that puppys don’t leave the family home until they’ve had their immunisations to protect them from illnesses. In the early years you may want to control their environment and which puppy friends come over to play to protect your dog.
2My dog is not a puppy anymore, can he still be trained?
Whoever said you cant teach an old dog new tricks clearly didn’t know how clever dogs are. You can teach your dog to do anything at any age. Whether you’re having problems with a newly acquired problem behaviour or you just haven’t gotten around to obedience training and want to spend more time with your dog, its never too late to train your dog. Puppy to Dog School has training programs suited for all dog ages and learning needs.
3Whens the right age to start training your dog?
You can start training your dog as soon as you get them, generally around the 8 weeks. Having a puppy set up session and an In home puppy training course to tackle the immediate requirements of teaching your pup from the start is a great idea to make the transition in to your home a smooth and hassel free one.
4My dog is chewing everything, what should I do?
Puppy’s chew. They use their mouths to explore the world around them, and sometimes they chew because theyre changing from their puppy teeth to their adult teeth. Other times, they chew because theyre bored. Identifying the right reason why theyre chewing is the most important starting point. Once you’ve identified why theyre chewing, you can replace the couch or your shoe with a more appropriate chewing toy. Otherwise you can do more activities with them to relieve their boredom. If you’re still having problems, why not contact us for an in home training sessions to help train your dog.

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